Where is the Sun by Haley Lieng

“Have you seen the sun today?” Carlos wondered while scratching his chin with a questioned face.
“Nope not at all, bye!” Saylah replied, skipping off to her locker.

The Mist Killer by Aiden Vilo

It was a normal night in the busy streets of Chicago. A normal night by most means, there was a dense hanging fog clinging to car’s headlights and pedestrians’ clothes. As the city went about its night, with music floating out of restaurants and nightclubs, and constant laughter decorating the air, it was oblivious to all the happenings within the dark.

My First Bike Ride by Misa K.

I had tried to learn to ride my bike another time before this, but I gave up. This time I was determined to get it. We started with the usual. My mom pushed the back of my seat and I would let go. But every time I fell or lost balance. I wasn’t going to give up this time.

The Little Mermaid by Khloe Lieng

Once upon a time there was a mermaid named Shelly. She liked to sing and swim around the sea. One day she found an old ship book. It had a shiny gem in the 3rd page. It said the gem was magical. Shelly could not believe her eyes that she saw a magical gem. When she blinked,
the gem disappeared.

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